Your FAFSA PIN Status

Fafsa.Ed.Gov – You have submitted your Federal Student Aid PIN application, and received your PIN online or are still waiting for it to arrive via regular post. What happens next? How can you find out whether your PIN is still conditional, or whether you can use it freely? Here are answers to these questions and some more.

If you want to learn the status of your FAFSA PIN, you should go on to the PIN web site. There are four possible statuses you might see once you go online to check your PIN status. The first one is the message “No Match Found”. This message appears if the system has not received your application. If you see this message, you will be advised to re-apply for a PIN. The next possibility is that the information you have provided during your application does not verify each other. In other words, your name, date of birth and Social Security Number do not match. If this is the case, you will have to follow the instructions stated there to resolve the problem. Possible solutions are applying for the PIN again. Probably you entered your information wrongly, so why not give it another try? If you are sure that you had entered all the information correctly, or you have repeated the application process and the problem persists, then you might want to check whether the Social Security Administration has incorrect records regarding your name, birth date or Social Security Number. Fafsa

The authorities might not have completed the verification process yet. This means that your FAFSA PIN is still conditional. If this is the case, you will be able to use it only for signing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid until the condition has been lifted. You should come back to check your status in a few days to see if your P.I.N has become unconditional. If your SS Number, name and date of birth match, this will mean that your PIN has become unconditional, which is the fourth possibility you might come across as you check your PIN status. If this is the case, you will see to which address your PIN is being sent to if you have chosen this option (this address should be the same as the one you provided during your application) in addition to the date when your FAFSA PIN has been posted.Fafsa.Ed.Gov

Although you have received your PIN and the condition has been lifted, you might need to go back and re-enter your personal information. This happens when there is a change in your mailing address or e-mail address. Under these circumstances you should not forget to update your information by visiting theĀ FAFSA PIN web site. If there is a change in your last name, you should apply for a new P.I.N. Fafsa.Ed.Gov

Dealing with FAFSA could be daunting but we are here to help, providing advice on how to apply for a FAFSA PIN and the importance of having one.


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